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Launch your project in seconds!


Tokenize your social profile

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Minting Website

MINTING is an essential process in converting your artworks into an NFT. The platforms used to mint NFTs are termed "Minting Websites." Here at tacVue, we help guide aspiring NFT minters through making the right decisions regarding which specific tools to use, information to show, etc. We also offer to build your minting website with nothing more than your project idea.

Smart Contract development

A "smart contract" is a collection of code (its functions) and data (its state) that resides at a specific address on the avalanche blockchain. With the successful delivery of a number of Blockchain projects, the tacVue team has developed a range of expertise in Blockchain development and leverages the same product development proficiency that helped our clients to realize their dreams.

Discord setup

Discord gives you the ability to get personal with your like-minded community members rather than spamming links at them. You are able to host discussions, live stream events, bring new ideas to life, set up calls as well as promote your project. Here at TacVue we will help set your discord channel, adding recommended bots/channel creation/design, and much more that will take your project to the next level.

Hourly consulting

As the NFT ecosystem grows in popularity, both startup projects and large enterprises are racing to have their own unique NFT proposition. The space is becoming more crowded and projects are looking to stand out. How you promote your NFT project is the difference between a success and a failure. That’s why we’re here! TacVue provides the strategies, secrets, and connections that can help your project grow.

Agency Referrals

Drive brand growth through inspiring, entertaining content that reaches the right audience. We’ve Managed & Promoted Accounts for over many NFT Projects on multiple Blockchain networks. Our team are experts of the highest caliber on how to build hype around an NFT collection. We know how to build massive communities, and have the agency connections you need to grow.

Launch Day Support

TacVue is revolutionizing NFT launches. Conceptualization, building hype and sellout. Gain mass awareness of your NFT project. Don't waste resources. Take your project to sellout with market-leading strategies. Don’t waste your precious budget on searching for prospects. Let TacVue build you an omnichannel strategy, and then we position your project as the hottest new initiative in the metaverse.


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Don’t Miss out on RXG Airdrops!

Genesis Entities will be rewarded with exclusive airdrops for pioneering the TacVue Community


In order to become a member of the TacVue community, you must mint your entity. An entity is a digital asset that grants you access to the system and allows for you to represent your metaverse identity to other members. In order to create your entity you will need to have a crypto wallet with a small amount of $AVAX to store your access token on Avalanche Network.

Although there are several differences between us and our counterparts, the major differences are our social authentication system and engagement protocol. Discord is often used as an easy way to infiltrate collector communities and defraud them. Since there is no 100% verifiable system for determining the holdings of other participants, it is often impossible for collectors to ensure that they are interacting with legit third-parties. Additionally, the dominant strategy for collectors to make returns on their investments is to use hype strategies in order to quickly seek arbitrage from unknowing third-parties. Our token-gated, decentralized messaging services and engagement protocol prevent this from happening.

Non-fungible tokens can be used to grow decentralized autonomous organizations around brand assets and provide early participants with additional benefits for their prolonged support of the brand, creator or project. They can be used as authentication or tickets into physical and virtual communities or locations.

We want to create a trustless ecosystem for the development of brands within the multiverse and our real-world. We will continue to build out the infrastructure necessary to build the next generation of the Cryptopunks, Bored Apes and other successful brands built by unique digital assets. After we have completed the foundation of our system we will largely be focused on creating a widely available social network with increased usability and growth potential by integrating decentralized social systems and artificial intelligence.

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Building for your journey

Our blueprint maps out the future tools and features that will be offered and available on the tacvue system.