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TacVue's mission is to power the individual to engage with an open and accessible web3. We do not follow models, we develop them. We build for the future, not the present.

Our leadership pillars

Community Obsessed

Every business commitment our members make is in our community's best interest. Every decision that impacts the community should be visualized from the community's point of view before any action is taken.

Agility over Size

We firmly believe that the future of TacVue is decentralized and autonomous. Until then, we stick to our core belief that frugality outlasts indulgence.

Own your Contribution

Every Entity holder is encouraged to follow leadership principles. Members are expected to treat their peers with respect and the TacVue infrastructure as an extension of themselves.

Automate the Boring

Any task or action that feels repetitive or inefficient should be seen as a problem that requires a solution. If it's tiresome, we strive to automate it.

Engagement is Value

Failure to guide, innovate or create is considered a failure to provide the TacVue community with value.

Exude Confidence

TacVue members must be confident in their ability to receive criticism, reassess their decision-making and determine new paths forward without fear of failure.

Politics are Inefficient

Success is a state of mind, not a quantitative measure. Strive to act in the community's best interest, but also vocalize your unpopular opinions if you believe they're warranted. Leaders serve the community's best interest with honesty, not politics.

Go the Extra Distance

TacVue members are encouraged to push the boundaries of what's possible by questioning every piece of the platform. Rather than ask what something is, they should ask why it exists.

Pursue Perfection

True perfection is impossible to accomplish but if our members strive for it, the outcome will always be advantageous.

Think Cosmic

All TacVue members are encouraged to relentlessly push their projects towards monumental goals.

Transparency Builds Trust

Trust is essential to a community's success. We encourage our members to be transparent because we believe it's essential to sustainable collaboration.

Contribute More

In order to compete with established brands, project members need to collaborate with the intention of providing more value than they receive.

Meet the team

Sebastian Lueders
Rob Goldsborough III
Anoop Nannra
Brad Myrick

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